Chapter Seven

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Your Retirement Roadmap

Not Just Retirement – A Rich Retirement

The 5 Essential Steps To Retirement Security

This book has presented the five essential steps to retirement security – even on just an
average income. You learned how to free up your income so you can have far more money
in your retirement nest egg than you ever
thought possible. You’ve also learned how
to be proactive regarding fees that you
that you are charged on your 401(k)
account. You may have been shocked to
learn that a third or more of retirement
funds can evaporate through the so-called
“fees”, but you now know how to watch for
them & what to do to avoid them. Also in
that section you discovered that you can
do just as well as the average “investment
advisor” if you have the knowledge & time to
manage your own money. Investing is not
rocket science & your investment advisor doesn’t
know tomorrow’s S&P direction, let alone how
markets will do in months or years. Next, we
talked about how to minimize credit card debt and how to develop a mindset that will turn
you from a spender to saver – and how to control your credit card spending.
But the most important chapter talked about mortgage interest and the huge amounts of
money you can easily save by slashing interest to the bone through transferring high interest
rate mortgage debt to low interest rate debt, using the same technique that prudent people
do in transferring high interest rate credit card balances. You learned that a 30 year
mortgage is like having a deck of 30 credit cards, most with very high, no, make that
extremely high, interest rates. By using the credit card transfer technique on your mortgage,
you can cut hundreds of thousands of dollars of mortgage interest and years off the loan,
making you mortgage free far sooner. Next: Foreclosure. It’s a scary thought but one that
you need to think about as part of your long-term financial plan on the road to your
retirement. Nothing can derail your chances of having a secure retirement like going through
foreclosure and losing your home. We talked about foreclosure as a financial risk – a bet –
as it were – and one you can’t afford to lose. You know it can happen to you, and you know
that the best way to eliminate this devastating risk is to eliminate your mortgage as quickly
as possible, using the techniques you’ve learned.
A Plan That Does It All For You
Homeowners need a reliable financial planning system. If you’re a homeowner with many
more years remaining in your mortgage, you really need to put these 5 steps into a plan that
gets you the results you’re really looking for: a secure, comfortable retirement funded by a
very large nest egg. The Mortgage Magic System is just such a plan, and one that targets
the million dollar range, even if you earn just an average income.
You shouldn’t settle for a retirement having only the average of $65,000! You can easily have
many, many times more with a system that puts the process of building a secure retirement
on autopilot for you.
These five building blocks give you the knowledge to attain financial happiness beyond your
wildest dreams – but it’s crucial to know the proper timing of when to apply them over your
long career. Timing is everything and nowhere is it more true than with a financial plan.
The Mortgage Magic System automatically times your finances so that it’s almost
impossible to fail, because it increases your net worth month after month.
You need a solid long-term financial plan that protects you against financial hardship if you
lose that paycheck, and maximizes your savings and investments to provide for your family’s
needs and also helps you build your savings to grow as large as possible.
But what if you lose your job after 10 or 15 years? It’s not uncommon these days for people
to lose their jobs, even after working for many years at the same company.

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May 11, 2017