Chapter One

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You Should Worry About Retirement

Failure Of Experts’ Advice

So, What’s The Problem?
Are you worried about retirement? Yes? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone is worried about
retirement. Most people follow the so-called experts’ advice, but if that advice has been so
effective, why are people worried? Because, deep down, they know that advice has failed to
provide nearly anyone with a retirement nest egg large enough on which they can actually
retire! And what worries people most – and what keeps them up at night – is the fear and the
anxiety of not knowing how they’ll be able to live without their paycheck when retirement
rolls around. If you’re one of the millions of people who worry about retirement, it’s probably
because you know you’re not saving as much as you should. If you toss and turn at night,
with that nagging feeling that you won’t have enough money by the time you reach
retirement age, you’re not alone. Millions of people just like you are worried about the same

How to save and invest money for retirement
is on everyone’s mind these days, and
investment firms and financial planners claim to
offer strategies that help people retire
with more money.So, why are people worried about
their retirement nest egg? Because the claim
doesn’t hold water – and deep down, people know it.
They know that most retirees live
on a shoestring, despite many years of saving money
and investing it in a retirement
account, usually a 401(k).

But there’s a problem. Regardless of all those guys, with all their retirement help and
advice, the average person has a retirement nest egg less than $65,000.
Would you be happy if your retirement savings were only $65,000? I don’t think so…..
Let’s face it, the possibility of running out of money in retirement is a scary thought, isn’t it?
Well, many retirees find themselves in that situation, even though they followed investment
strategies of the big investment firms.
But most people don’t see themselves being able to live reasonably comfortably when they
retire. According to surveys by the Employee Benefit Research Institute1, workers’
confidence about their ability to retire comfortably has been declining for many years. Back
in 1991, about 90% of workers said that they would retire at 65. Today, almost 35% report
that they have to work well past their 65th birthday, and 10% don’t expect to retire at all!

Your Secure Retirement – The Opportunities
Picture this: imagine that on the day you retire, you’re planning a month-long trip around the
world with stops at places that you’ve always dreamed you could visit. Places like the Great
Wall of China, the Vatican, the Alps. Maybe you’ve dreamed of taking a timeless train trip
from Venice Italy to Istanbul Turkey aboard the fabled Orient Express. You have no concerns
about your finances, because you’ve saved enough money and have a large retirement nest
egg that will sustain you for many years to come.

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May 9, 2017